Mom to Mom…Food and Game Tips for the Super Bowl

From one mom to another…Since this is one of those times of the year that 1) everyone is in the same room for a couple of hours and 2) it’s one of the biggest eating holidays in our country…thought I’d encourage my women friends to have fun and not overdo. NOTE: If you already have your party and buffet planned, have a jersey of your favorite team and have a team flag flying in your yard, this isn’t for you.


1. If you’re not one of those high-metabolism skinny girls…make up your mind to not eat Thanksgiving-portion calories in a few hours on Sunday night. Tips: Choose the smallest plate offered and only go through the food line one time.

2. Make sure you have gum for after your plate has been licked clean, and if you’re at home, go brush your teeth after half time. They don’t call it “grazing” for nothing…stay away from that trap. FYI: The chips and dip will never equalize, it’s a tortuous cycle.

3. If the party wasn’t your idea and you’re not the kind of person who really likes to spend hours in the kitchen cooking and cleaning…Don’t exhaust yourself making food for your husband’s friends that they won’t recognize. Meat (sandwiches, brats, jerky, etc.), lots of chips and hearty dips will do. Serve them in nice dishes if you want, but not the kind that can’t go in the dishwasher. Not necessary:

4. If you’re really watching calories and there are a lot of drink choices, pick the prettiest glass and drink only water after half time.


1. For those of you who don’t really follow the NFL: Listen carefully during at least part of the pre-game so you will know exactly who is playing. It’s embarassing to call out the wrong team, or to ask who’s wearing the blue jerseys sometime in the second half (so I would imagine).

2. Don’t miss the national anthem, people will talk about that tomorrow. And the Pre-game on the field is pretty cool too.

3. Ask your husband who he’s cheering for…and if you don’t really care, cheer for his team. (Harmony 101)

4.  Get the USA Today Super Bowl commercial guide and keep a running tally of the commercials.


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