From the press room…

Rhea Lana’s has a very diverse group of friends. Some of you are shoppers and some of you are sellers, many of you are both. Some of you are professionals outside the home, and many of you are professionals at home. I have been all of these things over the years. Right now I love this season in my life when I have new acquaintances from the business side of my life who like our business because of the personal side of my life!

At every Rhea Lana’s event I get to work, whether it be one of the 14 venues in Arkansas, or anywhere else in the company, there are people who can’t believe I’m actually me! It seems to endear them to the event more when they realize 1) I’m a real person, 2) I’m wearing a t-shirt with our store name on it, and 3) I’m a mom, just like them.  Really, as our company continues to get larger and more families are being reached, I don’t want to lose the personal touch that really sets us apart. After all, I am real!

Recently our events were spotlighted in Talk Business Quarterly. This is a great business magazine that recognized our business achievements but also highlighted our personal service.  I’m proud to lead a company who stresses honoring people and living out our values at every Rhea Lana’s venue. I’m also thankful for the kind words and honored that they would feature us.

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