Don’t stress it: Fourth of July!

We’re pretty removed from being ruled by a different country, but our independence is a REALLY BIG DEAL! Help your kiddos celebrate¬†the day with a few activities that will keep them busy and celebrate America the beautiful!

1) Decorate bicycles for your own Fourth of July Bike Parade! If there are other kids in the neighborhood, this is a great way to get exercise and foster friendships. Provide red crepe paper, pom poms, construction paper, balloons and other items. **Note: before riding their decorated bikes, make sure an adult checks them for anything that would make riding dangerous. bicycles for 4th 2) Kids LOVE to paint! Supplies: red, white and blue paint and brushes. Put a tarp ¬†on the driveway, and provide cardboard boxes, flower pots, or other items to paint. Make sure kids have old clothes on, and let them go to town! Everything looks good with a little Americana paint! baseballs flower pot 3) Food Prep: It’s not always easy to have kiddos in the kitchen, but on the 4th, it might be a great time to have them stir the cupcake batter, roll the cookies, press down the Rice Krispie treats or even help “watch” the ice cream freezer for you! Food is center stage in most of our American celebrations, so train them young to shop, mix, set the timer, bake and eat!

Firecracker Cookies Cake batter cookies Fourth of July rice krispie 4th

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Celebrating with Family

We have so many things going on in the Rhea Lana family (over 74 franchises now!), it’s fun to gather in the off-season and celebrate our growing company. Last week over 70 owners from across the country gathered in Little Rock, Arkansas, at our Annual Owner’s Conference. Lots of great information was shared by these smart owners about how to make the most of their businesses. Our owners are all different; some are single moms, some are professional women, some are stay at home moms, but all have helping their families and serving their communities in common.

I love working with so many savvy and innovative people, it makes every day doing my job more enjoyable!

Here are some pics from our Awards Banquet. It’s one of my favorite things to be able to honor our owners for their hard work and growth.

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My kids are super stoked that summer is finally here… and as much fun as they think they can have on their own, I like to have some “surprise” activities to keep it interesting. I’ve looked around online, and the ideas are endless. Here’s a few we’re definitely going to try, and the best part…THEY’RE FREE!

1. PET ROCKS: Newspaper on the table, water based paint, brushes, and googly eyes (if they’re available). Take a walk in the woods, at a creek, or in the neighborhood to find a few “perfect” rocks. Give the rocks a bath, and allow time for them to dry. Then, get to painting. Don’t forget to give them a name and for the older ones…they can write letters to their pet, or take pictures with them in strange places. Oh yeah, take them on vacations too!

2. LEARN A NEW SKILL: Low tech here for us. My 6 year old wants to learn how to jump rope. My 10 year old is going to learn how to write in cursive (letters to grandma, the grocery list, and the daily menu) My 11 year old is going to help me cook some special dishes. Your little ones might need to learn to tie their shoes, ride a bike or blow a bubble. I’m thinking of homemade certificates for completion, or even a talent show! It might sound cheesy to you, but all it takes is time and some energy.

3. GAME TIME: We’ve got a lot of games in our house. Playing games teaches kids manners like sharing, being patient, encouraging others, finishing a task, and taking care of their toys (keeping all the pieces together). If you can take the time to teach your kiddos how to play a game then they’ll be more likely to entertain themselves when they get the hang of it. Age appropriateness matters: Four and five year olds can play Memory and Candy Land. Six year olds can play Uno and Connect Four. Seven and Eight year olds can play Battleship and Guess Who. As kids get older, there are endless options of great family games. Games can be just for fun, or teach skills. If you’ve got them, play them.

How about you…what’s up at your house?

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Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day! It’s the day we all have in common and we’re happy to know so many awesome moms and grandmoms in the River Valley!

No matter what age your children are, being a mom is one of the most undervalued yet, most IMPORTANT jobs on the planet. Don’t let anyone tell you your children are already set in their ways, fully developed or beyond help. YOU ARE THEIR MOM. You are THE ONE who can impress anything on their little hearts, you were CHOSEN to be their guardian, the keeper of their heart! It’s never too late, and you can do it!

It’s hard. It’s LONG hours and NO pay. But it’s the most important job on the earth as we can mold these little hearts into responsible, honest, faithful, kind human beings. It often means we have to sacrifice things we want to do, hobbies we’d like to pursue, or free time…but moms never regret time spent investing in their children. The coolest thing is that in turn, they can influence the next generation too.

If you feel lost in your mom job…then find a mentor. Find someone who has some kids who are making some good decisions, doing well in school, have good manners, and ask to spend some time with them. There are moms out there who know stuff they’ll be happy to share. Many churches offer children’s programs and parenting classes that aren’t judgemental and are there to offer help.

Don’t be discouraged when your kids make mistakes and when you make mistakes in parenting. Choose one thing, and work at it hard. Consistency and love GO A LONG WAY TO train children in the way they should go.

At Rhea Lana’s we are thankful to be just a little part of your lives, by offering a place to make money for your family and a place to stretch your budget while clothing your children and grandchildren. Thank you to SO MANY of you who embrace our spirit of MOMS HELPING MOMS.

Have a WONDERFUL day!

Cheering you on!

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Selling Shoes…

At Rhea Lana’s we sell A LOT of shoes! Why? Because children’s shoes are expensive and childrens’ feet grow FAST! As moms, we like to get a deal on shoes because we know finding shoes that fit and are affordable is a chore!

If you’re selling shoes at one of our events the best thing to do is line up all the pairs you’re going to sell and then tag them all at one time. Because you are going to put the size and price on each shoe, you can enter them after you do all the tagging. It may seem like there are some extra steps, but if you tag and label your shoes correctly, and if they meet our quality standards…you’ll sell them! Happy pricing!!


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