Popular Evenflo Child Seat Recalled


About 202,000 child seats by the company Evenflo are being recalled for an issue that might cause difficulty in quickly releasing the buckle—and thus, removing the child.

The recall potentially affects 202,346 ‘Embrace 35′ rear-facing child seats from the brand made from December 2011 through May 2013. In the affected seats, the buckle could become difficult to unlatch, due to exposure to “contaminants, like food and drink,” the manufacturer explains.

The issue: a buckle that won’t give way

That difficulty could become a safety risk in the event of an accident or vehicle fire, in which the child would need to be quickly removed from the vehicle. Although the seat and child, together, could still be removed from the vehicle as usual, it’s something that parents might not think to do in the panic of an emergency.

It’s been a record-setting year for vehicle recalls; but it’s also been quite the year for child-seat recalls. This is the same problematic buckle that finally prompted another child-seat manufacturer, Graco, to end a standoff with the feds on the issue and order a recall of nearly 1.9 million rear-facing child seats earlier this year. That follows the recall of about 4.2 million front-facing seats from that same maker.

Evenflo, like Graco, has yielded to mounting federal pressure and agreed to issue a recall. However, according to recall documents filed with the federal government, the company claimed to have received only ten consumer complaints of customers having such difficulty unlatching the buckle, over two and a half years.

The company assures in recall documents that it no longer uses the affected AmSafe QT1 and QT3 buckles in its new child seats and now uses a buckle from a different supplier. The QT1 version was last used in May 2013, while the QT3 was last used for March 2014 production.

The ‘remedy’: a new buckle

Evenflo will provide owners of models with the QT1 buckle a ‘remedy kit’ with a replacement buckle, while those with the QT3 buckle will be alerted to the issue and offered a replacement buckle upon request.

Information about the Embrace 35 recall, and what to do, will be added to Evenflow’s dedicated recall site, at www.buckle.evenflow.com, or by calling 800-490-7591. And be sure to read this guide on what to do if your child’s car seat is recalled.

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Rhea Lana's Tips to Trick or Treat Halloween is right around the corner. There is so much fun to be had between the costumes, candy and carnivals that your kids are sure to be ready to head out on Friday night.  We love families here at Rhea Lana’s and want to make sure that amidst all the fun you and your family will be having that you stay safe.

Check out these tips below to make sure the family has a terrific time trick-or-treating!

H Hold a flashlight while trick-or-treating to help others see you.  You can also attach reflective tape to costumes and bags for extra visibility.

Print Always test make-up or other costume paints that are part of your child’s costume the night before on a small area of skin.  Make sure to wash it off before bedtime.  This can help prevent skin irritation and make you aware of any allergic reactions before you head out.

L Look both ways before crossing the street and use established crosswalks wherever possible.  Asking children to walk and not run is also a great idea especially in busier neighborhoods.

L Lower the risk for possible injury by making sure children’s props are short, soft and flexible.

O Outline a route for the family to travel before you head out.  Choose places that are familiar to avoid unknown obstacles that might trip up trick-or-treaters.

W Wear costumes that fit well to avoid trips, falls or blocked vision.

E Eat only candy that has been factory wrapped and is still sealed. Avoid homemade treats made by strangers and opt for store bought candy instead.

E Eventually people will run out of candy.  Avoid houses that are not well lit or have the lights turned off.  A general recommendation is to end by 9 p.m.  This gives children ample time to get around to all the houses, and by then, the excitement of the evening will probably have them ready to head home.

N Now is the time to remind your children never to enter a house without a trusted adult, and never accept rides from strangers.

Here’s to a great time trick-or-treating with your kids.  Hopefully these safety tips ensure the only howls you will be hearing from your youngsters this Halloween are those of fun!

Your Featured RL Fanatic,

Kailey Wood

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Maneuvering Through Life as Mom (Messy Hair and All)

Moms, do you remember, as little girls, playing house with your dolls?  Playing the role of mom seemed so magical and truly glamourous.   When I was pregnant, at the age of 27, I was told far too many times that motherhood was going to change my life.   My husband and I never really knew if that was meant to be a good thing, a bad thing, or a little of both.

I realized quickly that this MOM role would not follow the path I had laid out.    My life was now very different in so many ways, all good ways.   However, I had not realized how different I would become.  How I would see the world differently and interact with others differently. How I would worry about the temperature in the house and would panic immensely over someone driving too fast.  Didn’t they know that I had precious cargo on board?!   I found that my focus shifted more towards THE BIGGER PICTURE.   How am I going to master this new role as MOM?

To me, the first 12 months were impeccable.   For the most part, I had a very easy going baby and that allowed me to relax a little and enjoy that first year.   However, with every year, there are challenges that come as children get older and their personalities shine through.   Everyone warned me of the terrible two’s. To me, the two’s were the absolute best.   I burst through year 2 with flying colors, maybe even with fireworks!  I thought for sure I must be the best mom to the best kid ever!!  Little did I know what was around the corner.

Fast forward to the day after my daughter’s 3rd birthday.   My precious, perfect 2 year old, woke up with an OPINION.  Can you believe that?   I was not prepared for this.   I was not even sure if that was allowed.   I thought for sure I had at least 3 or 4 more years before she would have a voice.   As we were getting ready for church, I was grabbing the dress, leggings, and shoes that I had laid out for my daughter.  Much to my surprise, my now 3 year old with her new found opinion, decided she was not happy with my shoe choice.  So, she marched herself, with every bit of sass, over to her closet and pulled out the shoes she wanted.  All I could think was, good thing they matched. Next came fixing her hair.  My daughter loves braids.   I started braiding her hair like I have always done, and that’s right, you guessed it, I was immediately told that the old braid would no longer do.   The Elsa braid was in order.  What?!?!? I didn’t even know what the Elsa braid really was.   After correcting her as to how she is to ask for something, I taught myself the Elsa braid, thanks to YouTube.  Luckily, I was able to defeat my first big battle in this MOM Life!

So, you might ask, “What is this mom life exactly?” I don’t have all the answers but I can tell you it is adjusting to something new all of the time.  It’s learning how to get your kid to eat, teaching them their manners, and how to constructively and positively correct them when they are wrong.  It’s learning how to praise them and participate in their blessings and achievements.   It’s about becoming more than what your 10 year old self envisioned.  There’s so much more to it than just holding a baby and rocking it to sleep.  I am raising a self-sufficient child to one day be an educator, doctor, nurse, artist, or leader.  This mom life is truly the hardest job I know and will ever have.   There are days I wonder if I can truly master this MOM thing.  I think to myself, Is it ok to feed my child chicken nuggets 3 times in one week because I just am too tired to cook something new for her?  Will I be enough for my daughter?

Well moms, the answer to all of this is YES!!   The Mom Life is not about being perfect and about having everything in order.  I mean, come on moms, we need to cut ourselves some slack.   We are doing a great job raising these little people.  If we go to work today with a messy ponytail, jeans and flats, that is totally acceptable.  You may have worked into the wee hours of the morning catching up on your laundry and cleaning the kitchen because you chose to play tea party with your child before bedtime.   It might just mean you only get 5 hours of sleep before you wake up and do it all over again.  It is important that we know we will still ROCK today and master this role as mom even if that means no makeup and messy hair.   Let’s embrace our roles as MOMS! One day, when our houses are quiet and empty, when our kids are grown and finding their own way, we will miss the sweet slobbery kisses we received from our babies and the dirty handprints on our walls.

The time is here.  The time is now.  Embrace it.  Need a little encouragement?  Check out this awesome MOM video.    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pQ4Rnba85o8

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Rhea Lana’s is all about empowering the super savvy mom to live frugal without sacrificing the fulfillment of a great find. With the holiday season fast approaching we wanted to share a quick and easy way to get ahead of the game.

Layaway. Most of us are familiar with the term but let’s do a quick refresher. Layaway is an agreement between a seller and a buyer in which the seller “lays” an item “away” for a buyer while they make payments on the item. There is usually a very minimal down payment required upfront. Once the item has been paid for in full the buyer can pick the item up from the store and take it home. There is sometimes a fee associated with this payment method since the seller is storing the item. Advantages include no interest charged, a fixed price, guaranteed availability, refund of money should you decide you no longer want to reserve the item (minus the fee) and the option to reserve multiple items. Even better, it helps keep gifts secret! No more worrying about those curious kiddos in your life. (Or your husband either!)

There are many retailers both in-store and online that offer this service to customers. To make it easier on you this Christmas we have listed the top layaway programs below along with the policies for each.


This layaway plan is seasonal and available through the holidays.  They will give all customers a $5 promotional card if payments are completed by December 24, 2014 which in turn cancels out your service fee. Payments can be made in store.  

Available: In-Store
Cancellation Fee: $10, plus tax if applicable
Down Payment: 20%
Final Payment: December 24, 2014
Service Fee: $5, plus tax if applicable


eLayaway is an online third-party layaway processor where you can shop for thousands of items and have them put on hold while you pay from your bank account.

Available: Online
Cancellation Fee: $25 or 10% *Whichever is less
Membership: Free
Payments: Scheduled payments you choose through your bank account (*No credit cards)
Service Fee: 1.9%


This layaway plan is available all year around. Trades are valid forms of payment and there are no scheduled payments on this plan.  (*Not available in the District of Columbia or Maryland)

Available: In-Store
Down Payment: $25
Pick Up: Must be made where the layaway is initiated.


Layaway is not available on certain items, like flammable products, magazines, prescriptions, cigarettes, photos and food. (*Only available at select locations.  Items will be restocked seven days after a missed payment.)

Available: In-Store and Online
8 Week Contract (Available both in-store and online)
Cancellation Fee
: $10
Down Payment: $15 or 10% *Whichever is greater
Pick Up: You can pick up your item or have it shipped to your home.
Service Fee: $10

12 Week Contract (Available on purchase of $300+ In-Store)
Cancellation Fee
: $20
Down Payment: $30 or 10% *Whichever is greater
Pick Up: You can pick up your item or have it shipped to your home.
Service Fee: $10


Marshalls offers layaway year around but only in some of its stores.  To find the store nearest you visit their website and look for a hanger icon next to the location. Layaway is not offered to items on markdown, jewelry, food and furniture and you only have 30 days to pay off the item in-store.

Available: In-Store
Cancellation Fee: $5
Down Payment: $10 or 10% *Whichever is greater
Service Fee: $5


Layaway at Sears is available year around and you can make your payments in-store or online. Any cancellations of the contract must be made at the location which the layaway plan was set up.

8 Week Contract (Available both in-store and online)
Cancellation Fee
: $15
Down Payment: $20 or 20% *Whichever is greater
Payments: 4 biweekly, online or in-store (25% of balance due after down payment)
Pick Up: You can pick up your item or have it shipped to your home.
Service Fee: $5

12 Week Contract (Available on purchase of $300+ In-Store)
Cancellation Fee
: $25
Down Payment: $35 or 10% *Whichever is greater
Payment: 6 biweekly (16.7% of balance due after down payment)
Pick Up: You can pick up your item or have it shipped to your home.
Service Fee: $10


This layaway is available year around on all products except for clothing, food and formula.  (*Not available at the Times Square Location in New York City)

Available: In-Store & Online
Cancellation Fee: $10
Down Payment: $25
Pick Up: After the final payment is made they will either ship it to your address or you are free to pick it up in store.
Service Fee: None


Layaway has been available since September 12 and runs through December 15 this year. Payments can be made at any Walmart store. Individual items must be $15 or greater, and the total purchase must be $50 or greater. Final payment and pickup must be made on or before December 15 at the same store where layaway was initiated (or the order will be canceled). Layaway is available for electronics, toys, select sporting goods, small appliances and jewelry, but excludes wireless phones that require contracts. Some stores offer year-round layaway on jewelry purchases.

Available: In-Store
Cancellation Fee: $10
Down Payment: $10 or 10% *Whichever is greater
Final Payment: December 15
Service Fee: None

As you start your holiday shopping be smart, think ahead and plan wisely to make the most out of your money with these awesome layaway options. Happy shopping to all the super savvy moms out there!

Your Featured RL Frugalista,
Kailey Wood

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Back to School Project

Hangers Blog

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year for so many reasons! The weather is cooling off, the trees turn into beautiful arrangements of color, and there is another chance to shop a fabulous Rhea Lana’s event! Fall also means heading back to school for many of us. In the hustle of trying to get prepared for another year of school, many of us are buying school supplies, planning out rigid schedules, and dreading those mornings of attempting to get out the door in time. In an effort to be more organized in the mornings and cut out some of the guess-work, we have a fun idea for you: Use door hangers to designate outfits for the days of the week! You can also use these for multiple events in the same day (i.e. school, gymnastics, small group). Picking out clothes in the mornings is typically a major decision in my house (especially so soon after a Rhea Lana’s event! So many new and exciting options to choose from!). While staring and analyzing everything hanging in my child’s closet, I ask the same questions on a daily basis: Is this clean? Did she wear this last week to church? Are these the pants she wore last time we went to Target? If you are like me at all in this way, this DIY project will be something you will find very useful! Bonus—it doesn’t require a lot of creativity!

Hangers Blog2

Visit hobbylobby.com (or you can make a trip to the store itself) and search for “chalkboard door hanger.” There are several options that come up in the search, but my personal favorite is the wavy one!Wave HangerFancy

You can also find a variety of letter stickers at Hobby Lobby or other craft stores for your letters on top of the door hangers. Your child could have some involvement by picking out some more decorative stickers that display their personality. You can find chalk to go along with these just about anywhere! These door hangers will fit perfectly over the hangers of the outfits you have chosen for the week! Planning ahead will take the guesswork out of the mornings, and it will give you and your child the opportunity to avoid one piece of the morning madness.

As the days of summer wind down, take some time to make a memory with your child while preparing for the new school year ahead. This project can be as creative or as simple as you would like. The idea is meant to relieve stress, not create it! There are also many cute printables on Pinterest as well! Log in to Pinterest, and search “Days of the Week Closet Organization Printables.”Printable1 Printable2

We hope you will find this project to be fun and helpful!

Happy Creating!


{Photo Credits: Pinterest.com}

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