Black Friday Madness – Stores Open Earlier


Attention all you Black Friday fans!!  You are probably aware of the many stores opening their doors earlier this year on Thanksgiving Day.   If you aren’t, no worries.   We have gathered our research and have compiled a quick reference guide for you.   Enjoy the Black Friday Madness!!

Walmart is kicking off their Black Friday Event on Thursday, Nov. 27 at 6pm with a one-hour guarantee (in-store only while supplies last). It will be open for Black Friday, Nov. 28 from 6am on.

Target is opening their doors at 6pm on Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, Nov. 27.

Kohl’s is opened at 6pm Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, Nov. 27 and again on Black Friday, Nov. 28 at 1pm.

Academy Sports and Outdoors starts their Black Friday deals on Friday, Nov. 28 at 5am, or you can shop hot Black Friday deals online right now at

Bass Pro Shops will begin their sale Wednesday, Nov. 26 and will go on for an incredible 5 days. On Thanksgiving Day the retailer will open at 8am and at 6am on Black Friday.

Best Buy has two ways to shop this Black Friday season. You can either go online Thursday, Nov. 27 and Friday, Nov. 28 (plus score online exclusive doorbusters all day on Thursday), or you can head out to a local Best Buy store Thursday, Nov. 27 starting at 5pm and Friday, Nov. 28 at 8am.

Big Lots will open its doors on Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, Nov. 27 at 7am until midnight, when you’ll be able to score amazing 1-day doorbusters at the lowest prices of the year.  The deals continue on Black Friday starting at 7am.

JCPenney will be opening their doors at 5pm on Thursday, November 27 during Thanksgiving, with doorbusters available from 5PM Thursday to 1PM Friday.  If you can’t make it into the store though, JCPenney has their Black Friday deals available online all day Thursday!  And for those JCPenney customers who shop online starting Thanksgiving Day, free shipping will also be offered for orders over $49 until Monday.

Michael’s is set to open 4pm on Thanksgiving Day and online discounts start at 4am Nov. 27 at

Old Navy’s sale is on Thursday, Nov. 27 and Friday, Nov. 28 only. Doors open Thanksgiving Day at 4pm.

Toys R Us is featuring a special 4 hour deal (while supplies last) between 5pm and 9pm. Doors open Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, Nov. 27 at 5pm and stay open through Saturday until close.

Click here to see a great deal of Black Friday ads.

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10 Life Hacks for Thanksgiving Dinner

The holidays should be spent enjoying time with friends and family over delicious food and fun conversation. Try these 10 simple life hacks to make sure you don’t miss a thing, and still serve that wonderful Thanksgiving dinner they all deserve!

 Taking Time for Thankfulness

1. Use an upturned wine glass to make a perfectly portioned and circular biscuit.



2. Don’t waste time scrubbing every single potato. Run them all through the rinse cycle of your dishwasher to save time.



3. Spray paint autumn leaves red, gold, silver or white and use a sharpie to write place names for your special Thanksgiving guests.



4. Freeze rolled out pie crusts so they hold their shape in the oven.



Pie Crust


5. Add a little baking powder to mashed potatoes to get that extra fluffiness.


6. Print or write out recipes and tape them to your cabinets for easy access.


7. Microwave potatoes instead of boiling to save time.



Fresh Potatoes

8. Slow-roast your turkey overnight to free up oven space the day of.


9.  Make gravy instantly great by adding soy sauce.


10.  Prep all your vegetables a day or two ahead and keep them in the fridge.

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Taking Risks: The Odds Are Better Than You Think


As you look back over the last 10 years, have you found yourself NOT taking risks that will better yourself or your career?  Most people will agree that they shy away from the unknown.   Taking risks makes us vulnerable but courageous.   If you could do some things over, settling less and speaking up more might be on your list of re-dos.

Life can be easy sticking with the status quo.   You stay quiet, don’t take chances, and are hesitant to change.   You may worry that something will go wrong by overestimating the probability.  You may not be confident in handling the outcome of taking risks.  Women often tend to be the worst at worrying and doubting themselves.

Dare to be courageous in your workplace and in life.   Strive to have a solid voice that brings clarity to the situation and hope to others.    Evaluate yourself and take note of all the great things you have to offer in your job and in your friendships.   Feel confident in having an opinion and engaging in conversations.  You will regret more from failing at something because of your fear than not taking risks and knowing you gave it your all.

If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves. – Thomas A. Edison

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Taking Time for Thankfulness

Taking Time for Thankfulness

Thankful.  What does this word mean? By definition thankful means to be pleased, relieved or to express gratitude.  However, many people say that actions speak louder than words.  So how can you  SHOW  that you are thankful instead of just saying it?

Here at Rhea Lana’s we believe a key component to a good business is being thankful, but for us it doesn’t stop there.  We believe being thankful affects your family, friends and all other areas of your life as well.  For this reason we work hard each year to contribute to a charity or to participate in community projects to show this thankfulness.  This is how we put actions behind our words.  In this season of thankfulness we want to encourage all of you with easy ways that you and your family can show how thankful you really are. One easy way is by observing upcoming holidays through service.

Tornado Donation Picture

FMSC Mobile Pack

In honor of Veterans Day, November 11, we thought we would share some ways that you and your family and friends can say thank you to the men and women who serve our country and have fought for the freedom we are all so thankful to have.


Below we have listed links and suggestions of things that you can do as a group to give back.  For example, you can write thank you cards to Vets or contribute money for preapproved care packages to be sent to service men and women who are in active duty.  Whatever activity you choose take the time to recognize what you are thankful for as a family.

The following charitable organizations help send gifts, cards and care packages to our service men and women of the United States:

Adopt a Platoon – Support the troops through gifts and sponsored mail.
Any Soldier – Sponsor care packages to servicemembers in Iraq.
Army and Air Force Exchange Services – Purchase gift certificates for active and hospitalized servicemembers.
Blue Star Mothers
 – Organizes postcards to troops and care packages, and is currently petitioning Congress for reduced air fares for servicemembers.
Books for Soldiers – Donate books, movies, and more.
Cell Phones for Soldiers – Donate your old cell phones, which pay for calling cards for our troops.
Commissary Gift Certificates – Give the gift of groceries — buy or donate gift certificates.
A Million Thanks – Collects emails and letters of appreciation for our armed forces.
Operation Dear Abby – Send greetings and messages of support.
Operation Give – Donate toys to be given to the children of Iraq.
Operation Gratitude – Contribute to care packages sent to our servicemembers.
Operation Homefront Hugs – Contribute to care packages, or adopt a servicemember.
Operation Troop Aid – Provide care packages for our deployed U.S. Servicemembers.
Operation USO Care Package – Sponsor a care package for $25.


What activity did you and your loved ones choose? Will you be showing how thankful you are in other ways this season? Comment below and let us know just how thankful you really are!


Your Featured RL Fanatic,

Kailey Wood

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Ideas for Dinner Discussions with Your Kids


Have you noticed lately that your kids are not as involved with dinner discussions as they used to be?   It may be that they are tired of discussing the same topics every day and are looking to you, Mom and Dad, for a new direction in dinner time conversations.   Rhea Lana’s is here to help.   Here are several ideas you might consider at your next family dinner.

1)      Start a conversation having everyone tell what they feel they are best at.   Everyone struggles with things they aren’t good at so focus on something more positive.

2)      Find out what everyone likes to do most during the different seasons of the year.   During Fall, pumpkin carving, a hay ride and campfires might be a favorite thing.   Depending on the responses, the family can try and do each of those things.

3)      Everyone has something they would like to learn or do.   Have everyone discuss this and maybe as a family, you can help each other conquer their list.

4)       Ask your child about something specific at school, not just how their day was.   Ask questions that will have your child engaged and not just answering with a “Yes” or “No”.   Some ideas would be:  What do you and your friends do at recess?   How did you help someone today?   What part of your day made you the happiest?  Who is the funniest person in your class and why?

5)      We all look forward to the weekends when we have some free time.   Ask your kids what they want to do this weekend?   Have them detail out the activity they want to do, food they want to eat, etc.

Part of our jobs as parents are to cultivate our kids.   We want them to be social and motivated individuals and to excel in their academics.   Taking an active role in our children’s lives puts us one step closer to helping them reach their goals and abilities.  Dinner time discussions is a great place to start.

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